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Easter Morning - II

Three children stand outside the church on Easter morning. Good and evil forces vie for the souls of the children. The observer literally looks into the future: children in the foreground; adults in the background and still further in the background, Death smiles at us through the screen door of the minister's house. The painting shows symbols of the Crucifixion and Resurrection according to the Christian faith. The little boy in the middle is me when I was a year old. I never identified who the girls were on either side of me. I later added the crucifix necklace with the blood stone , the halo around the head of the baby being held up by the father and the skeleton who represents evil and death in order to heighten the drama and enrich the symbolic significance of the story being told in the painting.

Image of Easter Morning - II


Original Size:4 Ft. x 4 Ft.
Size:22 In. x 30 In.
Product Id:63

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