About Karl Lieck

Karl Lieck

Karl Lieck was born in 1960 in Brownsville, Texas.

Karl studied privately at the Brownsville Art League with Spanish muralist Bartholomew Mongriel.
He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas and attended graduate school at LSU.

Karl has also lived in Austin, Texas. He was in Windsor, Canada for a while. Karl is living again in Brownsville, Texas.

Karl is currently doing work for The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.

His Work

Karl Lieck has participated in group showings throughout the Southwest including in his home state in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.
For the last twenty years, he has accepted commissions from a wide and varied clientele.
Locally, Karl has donated paintings to the Austin Women's Symphony League's Annual Jewel Ball Silent Auction.

His work can be described as highly personal art.
Many of his drawings and paintings are autobiographical and are expressed through the use of symbols, allegories and fantasies.
Some are serious and others are whimsical and dreamlike.
They are a diary of his obsessions and personal struggles and his often introspective view of life in which things in our little part of the universe are seldom what they appear to be.

Many of the topics and subjects in his work do not lend themselves to a specific time in history. Past and present appear simultaneously. Throwing the calendar away and blurring the period of a specific age has always fascinated him.